Research Communication reflection…

Throughout this semester we have obviously been required to regularly blog about the weekly topics. Public writing and research never came easy to me. Throughout my high school years, resources and research were spoon fed to us as students. Being at university that drastically changed. Throughout the two years (well almost two years) of this communications and media degree I can definitely see how far I have come as a researcher and blogger. Continue reading


My car destroyed the gateway to my Media Space…

Now before you think that this post is about texting and driving, it isn’t, never would I ever think to hold my phone while in the drivers seat of my car.

But my car still played a significant role in the destruction of my phone which I use frequently for my media space. It holds all of my social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it, like any other regular smart phone out on the market. Continue reading

Online Shopping Typologies

Online shopping has been a continuously growing phenomenon, especially within countries that have a well-developed infrastructure for marketing activities over the internet.

The development and improvement of technology over the years has helped with easier and faster internet surfing. Today you can access the internet on PCs, web TVs, mobile phones, tablets etc (Keng Kau, E. Tang and Ghose, 2003). Continue reading